Sharon Osbourne of Sharon  Osboune Management  (SOM)

March 15, 2018

Dear Staff

Thanks for opening your new, personal, and secure email service today and clicking on this exciting original blog. This history making merger will improve all our careers.  All of you at Fantasia Event Management (FEM) are finding out today, before the international media and fans, about this concert merger and huge partnership we are entering. Our key messages are to bring affordable and green professional concerts music fans around the world.

Prior to going public with our Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, and news release/media advisory tools, we are communicating with our family first about the merger.  We are proud to be blending with the world renown team of Sharon Osbourne Management (SOM) to produce epic concerts. Not bad for a Canadian team that was formed only five years ago in Victoria BC.

This new deal was finalized, after weeks of negotiation with our team leaders, Sharon Osbourne and her lawyers. This new partnership will be complimentary, creating more jobs, more financial assets, and create world-wide travel opportunities / promotions for all of you at our Canadian headquarters in Vancouver BC.  Our new merger will give us a wider scope of practice in working with international stars and at world class venues.

The new members from the USA and Great Britain will join us. These veteran professionals will include technical, sound, and lighting crews, that are highly skilled, team players. We will all be getting together for our educational and training sessions starting the weekend of May 12-13th 2018.  Introductions, and an opening ceremony will be on Friday the May 11th at the Hotel Vancouver’s David Meerman Scott Ballroom.

Moving forward into 2018 we will all be training for deployments across the globe. We will discover new skills, and team building exercises, as we prepare for a bigger musical experience. Our staff will double in size. We are already preparing to train all of you in the intricate art and science of event planning and concert management and upgrading our technical skills for larger affordable green concert venues.

Through these three blogs you will know everything possible in preparation for our three-day educational seminar weekend

As our rolls and responsibilities shift we can expect some confusion. We will communicate with all of you through these blogs including questions and answers and the seminar schedule.