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This can be a tumultuous time for us. Some may fear change, growth, and job status. However, we are going to address any concerns you have throughout our merger through two-way communication and many other communication tools. All media inquiries will be redirected to Kenneth Himes our new public relations professional with a background in sports promotion and event planning.

Q- Why the merger?

More profits, international travel and acquiring world class talent. We recognized a need to grow away from our Canadian only tours and go international.

Q- Will any of us lose jobs, hours of work or benefits?

A- No, there will be more work for everyone, with more tours planned for international audiences. The more people that join our team will assist us in paying into our benefits and pension fund improving all of our benefits. The profitability gap between both organizations has been addressed and will be communicated directly at out international seminar from May 11-13, 2018

Q- Touring internationally will require a lot of our personal time. Do we have to go on every tour date?

ANo, we are hiring causal employment to fill in for our employees while they are on leave for personal reasons.

Q- Will my job duties or position be eliminated?

A- Not only will you still have your job duties, we will be training many of you do other team members jobs. Many of you will be employed as team leaders. The regular members will get first opportunity at these exciting career transitions.

Q- What will the new organizational structure look like?

A- At the seminar the CEO will unveil all the new personal/rolls through a PowerPoint presentation.  

Q- Will I fit in with the culture of the new company

A- Our greatest assets are our (Fantasians) employees. This will not change. Sharon Osbourne impressed upon us how this world class philanthropist treats her staff and fans. Her philosophy aligns directly with our approach to employee relations and corporate social responsibility.

Q- Who do we contact when we hear rumors?

A- Contact our public relations officer Kenneth Himes who has established a communication plan consisting of crisis management/issues management team dedicated to honest ethical protocols. Himes can be reached by email Kenneth will be there,  seven days a week until the transformation is complete.

Ken Hurricane Himes

Here comes the Hurricane

Life is always about evolution, and today was a day that I decided to evolve into Blogging.  I have always wanted to get my thoughts and comedy out there for people to enjoy, and comment on.  What can I say, I love being a people person. What you are going to see over the next year is me getting over my fear of technology, and getting with the times here on the web as a Blogger.

I have realized that as someone in the entertainment and event coordination industry that I need to “tech up” an continue to evolve.  The question that I have to ask all of you who are coming with me on my journey is “Are you ready for the next evolution”?

More to follow…