Press & Testimonials

Ken Himes has worked on hundreds of Game Day promotions. The following are a few samples taken from various newspapers and sports reviews.


Dear Ken,

Wow. What a night!

I sincerely hope you had fun. And that you had a chance to shmooze and network and connect with some fun people.

I couldn’t have done this event without you! And I know it was a HUGE head switch to jump from the football world to an Out of the Box Productions world. But they aren’t sooooo far apart!

I am off to Toronto in a week. But I’ll be back and forth.

Please take care and have a great rest of your summer.

Again, many many thanks!


Hey Kenny,

Just got back from my honeymoon in Greece and thought I’d send you a quicky with another big thanks in it. I’ve yet to get around to my thank you cards but wanted you to know of all the praise I’ve heard for your DJ job. People LOVED you. Thought you were great. Susan was plesantly suprised. Hope your hard drive survived intact as well. I’ve put in for PT letter carrier and I’ve been told that I should be out by Hallowe’en so hopefully I see you out there! My fingers have been crossed for 2 weeks in anticipation! So anyways, thanks again for the great job. Almost everyone said it’s the most fun they’ve had at a wedding in a long time (which is weird because people were so mellow…..) and I think that’s mostly due to you! You rock!

Kim Hughes

Hi Ken,

I didn’t have an opportunity to thank you on Saturday night, so thank you for your time on Wednesday and Saturday night. You did a great job and The Salmon Kings Organization appreciates your time and efforts.

Thanks again and we’ll be in touch if your interested in more promotional microphone time in the near future.


Delena Pakos
Game Day Event Manager
Victoria Salmon Kings


Just a note to say thanks for all the attention we got at the game last night. As a brand new sponsor, we were really, really impressed with the way you handled our announcements, and the spotlight you shone on our “Soprano’s girls”.

Give me a mailing address, I want to send you a token of our appreciation.



I just got the magazine today with my article in it. Thanks alot what an awesome promo for me. Your support over the years is undeniable and my appreciation for that is huge.

Health & Happiness,
Chris Kinnear
Popeye’s Supplements Victoria


Thanks for the info. Very cool. Saw you at The Bear last year doing the ring work for that big fight card. Great stuff, man!

Dave Lennam
Oak Bay News and Shaw Cable Channel 11

Hi Ken,

Thank you for playing great tunes for us on Saturday night; the kids had a blast and likely would have stayed all night if they could have. We were out on Sunday and ran in to several people that were involved in the PACE Musical and they said that they thought the party was awesome fun and that you were a “total hoot”. They loved how you announced the prizes and the “Dance-Off” and “Tag-Team” dance contests, you brought a lot of enthusiasm, energy and humour and that really suited this group of kids. They all thought that you were “A LOT of Fun”. This year was by far the BEST party that we have had and much of that is because of you and your outgoing and energetic personality.

I hope that the kids and their crazy, end of performance celebrations weren’t too overwhelming and that they didn’t present too much of a challenge. This program brings such a diverse group of kids together from the ages 5 to 18 from every school in the Sooke School District and they become a HUGE crazy family. Without this program many of these kids may never have had the opportunity to meet or get to know one since they are from all over the district. They work long, hard hours once rehearsals begin so the finale party is their time to let loose, dance, sing, say goodbye and be together for one last time until the next season begins again in September.

I hope you had as much fun as we all did and maybe if you are feeling up to the challenge of these “High-Spirited” performers next year you will consider coming back to do it all again with us…

Thank you again for helping us celebrate the end of a fabulous and memorable PACE Theatre season…


PACE Musical Theatre