Hurricane Himes: Song Creator, Voice-actor and Comedian

SEMA Best Car Show in the Universe


The Hurricane as “Kenny” on the Wise Quacks as heard on the Corus Network – including CFAX and CKNW and 51 other radio stations


Voice Demos: Including Kenny at the Clinic (Wise Quacks) on CKNW

Kiss My Maple Leaf (acoustic)- Toronto Maple Leaf Fan Song

Tough Guy Championship Ad:

Jack FM Fight Promotion:

Island Muffler 1:

Island Muffler 2:

Island Muffler 3:

Island Muffler 4:

“Kenny and the Clinic” on CKNW Vancouver on the Corus Network

Kenny and Balding:

Kenny and Dandruff:

Kenny and Headlice:

Kenny and Mortons:

Kenny and Peeing:

Kenny and Phantom Pain:

Kenny and Prostate Exams:

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